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Yesaway Car Rental - Ski Depot

yesaway car rental information

153 Orchard Road, Harewood
Christchurch, NZ


Pick-up instruction update as follow:

  1. customer will need to pickup and return the vehicle at our new rental location address.

  2. Upon arrival at Christchurch Airport, phone our toll free number and let us know that you're ready to be picked up.

  3.  From the baggage claim area, go through the check-in lobby and exit Door2

  4. The shuttle bus / pick up point is located at Door2

  5. Please tell the driver your name and show him your confirmation letter (if required).

  6. Our location is two minutes’ drive from the airport terminal.


Please call 0800 800 338 or +64 3 358 5740 for the shuttle

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