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Jucy Rentals - Ski Depot

jucy rentals information

1 Silicon Place,, Tullamarine
Melbourne, VIC, AU


Standard office hours: 08:00 ~ 17:30

Monday: 08:00 ~ 17:55

Tuesday: 08:00 ~ 17:55

Wednesday: 08:00 ~ 17:55

Thursday: 08:00 ~ 17:55

Friday: 08:00 ~ 17:55

Saturday: 08:00 ~ 16:55

Sunday: 10:00 ~ 13:55

When you land at Melbourne Airport, you want one thing: to bring your travel plans to life finally! We’re all about making your dreams a reality ASAP, so we speed things up with a shuttle from the airport to our nearby branch. And guess what? It’s free!

Here’s what you need to know to catch it:

Got your bags and cleared all the important parts of the airport? Great! It’s now time to give us a call on our freephone number: 1800 150 850. Punch in 1 to tell our crew that you’re ready for your shuttle.

Exit the airport and cross either pedestrian crossing. There are signs for the hotel and airport buses; follow these and wait at this stop. You’ll see a green and purple van coming towards, guess who?

Our airport shuttle is available during our business hours, and the last pick-up for our car hire customers is 5.30pm on weekdays, at 4.30pm on Saturdays, and 1.30pm on Sundays.

For peeps not coming to us via the airport, you’ll need to make your own arrangements. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to reach our Melbourne Airport branch, take the Skybus to the airport, then follow the steps above to catch our free shuttle. If speed is your need, an Uber from downtown will set you back around $50.


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