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Bargain Car Rentals Rental Terms for travel between 01-Jul-2018 and 31-Dec-2024



1 Introduction
1.1 When You rent a Vehicle from Us the contract (Rental Contract) You have with Us consists of three separate documents. They are:
(a) the agreement (Rental Agreement) You have signed to rent the Vehicle from Us;
(b) these rental Terms and Conditions (Terms and Conditions); and
(c) Our Privacy Policy.

1.2 The date of the Rental Contract is the date shown in the Rental Agreement.

2 Who may drive the Vehicle?
2.1 Only You or an Authorised Driver can drive the Vehicle.

2.2 It is a Major Breach of the Rental Contract if You let anyone who is unauthorised drive the Vehicle. If there is a Major Breach of the Rental Contract there is no cover for You, the uuthorised Driver or the unauthorised driver for any Damage or Third Party Loss.

2.3 We set a minimum age limit for those renting Our Vehicles. You and any authorised driver must be at least 21 years of age and have no less than 12 months driving experience, unless we have agreed to a variation of those restrictions before the Start of the Rental and it is shown in the Rental Agreement.

2.4 You and any authorised Driver must also have a valid licence to drive the class of Vehicle which is issued in an Australian state or territory or an international licence (with a translation into English if it is not issued in English) appropriate for the class of the Vehicle and not subject to any restriction or condition. Learner drivers and provisional and probationary licence holders are not acceptable and must not drive the vehicle.

2.5 The Vehicle must not be driven if your licence or the licence of any authorised Driver has been cancelled within 2 years of the date of the Rental Agreement.

3 Prohibited Use
3.1 The Vehicle must not be driven by You or any Authorised Driver:
(a) if You or any authorised Driver is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol or has a blood alcohol content or any urine or oral fluid sample that exceeds the limit set by law;
(b) recklessly or dangerously; or
(c) whilst the Vehicle is damaged or unsafe.

3.2 You and any authorised Driver must not:
(a) fail or refuse to undergo any breath, blood, urine or oral fluid test or drug impairment assessment;
(b) use the Vehicle:
(i) for any illegal purpose;
(ii) to move dangerous, hazardous, inflammable goods or substances that pollute or
contaminate, in quantities above that used for domestic purposes;
(iii) to propel or tow another vehicle;
(iv) in connection with the motor trade for experiments, tests, trials or demonstration purposes;
(v) in an unsafe or un-roadworthy condition.

3.3 You and any authorised Driver must not:
(a) damage the Vehicle deliberately or recklessly or allow anyone else to do so;
(b) modify the Vehicle in any way;
(c) sell, rent, lease or dispose of the Vehicle; or
(d) register or claim to be entitled to register any interest in the Vehicle under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009.
3.4 You and any Authorised Driver must not use the Vehicle:
(a) to carry passengers for hire, fare or reward or for rideshare purposes; or
(b) to carry more than the number of passengers for which the Vehicle is licensed.

You and any authorised Driver must not smoke in the Vehicle and You must prevent any passenger from doing so. Additional cleaning and deodorising costs must be paid if there is a breach of this clause.

4 Where the Vehicle can and cannot be used

4.1 The Vehicle must only be driven on a sealed road or a properly formed, constructed and maintained unsealed road and must never be driven:
(a) Off Road;
(b) in any area where snow has fallen; or
(c) above the snow line in Victoria, Tasmania & New South Wales between 1 May and 31 October.

4.2 The Vehicle must not be used in any area that is prohibited by Us. Prohibited areas include:
(a) roads that are prone to flooding or are flooded;
(b) beaches, streams, rivers, creeks, dams and floodwaters;
(c) any road where the police or an authority has issued a warning;
(d) any road that is closed; and
(e) any road where it would be unsafe to drive the Vehicle.

4.3 The Vehicle must never be driven or used:
(a) outside of the state in which the Vehicle is hired; or
(b) onto any island that is off mainland Australia except:
(i) Stradbroke Island;
(ii) Magnetic Island;
(iii) Bribie Island;
(iv) Phillip Island; or
(v) Bruny Island,
Unless We have given Our prior written permission prior to the Start of the Rental and it is noted on the Rental Agreement.

4.4 The Vehicle must never be driven or used:
(a) in Tasmania, on the Western Explorer Road;
(b) in Western Australia and the Northern Territory:
(i) on the Tanami Track;
(ii) on the Buntine Highway;
(iii) the Gunbarrel Highway; or
(iv) the Duncan Highway;
(c) in the Northern Territory:
(i) on the roads to Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls; or
(ii) on the Kakadu Highway past Ubirr; or
(d) in Western Australia.

5.1 At the Start of the Rental and before collecting the Vehicle We will pre-authorise Your credit card for an amount of $500 as security for the Rental Charges and other fees and charges incurred during your hire, unless the Platinum Package has been selected.
5.2 At the Start of the Rental You must inspect the Vehicle to make sure that any pre-existing damage is noted and shown in the Rental Agreement.
5.3 At the End of the Rental You must:
(a) return the Vehicle:
(i) in the same condition it was in at the Start of the Rental, fair wear and tear excepted; and
(ii) with the level of fuel as picked up with;
(b) pay:
(i) the Rental Charges, including any adjustment for extra kilometres;
(ii) the cost of refuelling, including a refuelling charge, if the Vehicle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel;
(iii) the additional costs that apply to motorhomes and campervans under clause 11;
(iv) the Damage Excess if there is Damage or Third Party Loss as a result of an Accident or the vehicle is stolen;

(v) any costs We incur, including extra cleaning costs under clauses 10.2, in reinstating the vehicle to the same condition it was in at the Start of the Rental, fair wear and tear excluded;
(vi) for all Damage, theft of the Vehicle and Third Party Loss arising from a Major Breach of the Rental Contract;
(vii) for all Overhead Damage;
(viii) for all Underbody Damage; and
(ix) for any Damage caused by the immersion of the Vehicle in water.

5.4 You and any authorised Driver must pay all tolls, speeding and traffic fines and infringements as well as any
fines or charges imposed for parking or using the Vehicle or release of the Vehicle if it has been seized by a
regulatory authority.

5.5 If we pay for any tolls, fines or infringements incurred by you during the Rental Period we will charge you an administrative fee for all such payments as well as charging You for the toll, fine or infringement.

5.6 You must comply:
(a) with all mandatory seat belt laws and fines may be imposed by the police on any driver or passenger who does not have a seat belt properly adjusted and fastened;
(b) with all child restraint laws and ensure that for all children under the age of seven years the restraint has been fitted correctly according to the weight and age of the child and that the restraint is properly adjusted and fastened

5.7 You and any authorised driver must make sure that the Vehicle is locked when not in use or unattended and the keys or remote control device must be kept in Your possession, or that of any authorised driver, at all times.

5.8 You and any authorised Driver must take reasonable care of the Vehicle by:
(a) preventing it from being damaged;
(b) making sure that it is protected from the weather;
(c) maintaining the engine and brake oils and coolant level and tyre pressures and checking these no less than on a weekly basis;
(d) using the correct fuel type; and
(e) making sure it is not overloaded.

5.9 If the Vehicle has a manual transmission, You must also take reasonable care to drive the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and in accordance with safe driving practice, including engaging the clutch before starting the engine and when changing gear and not using the clutch to hold the vehicle stationary on hills or steep inclines. There is no free roadside assistance and no Damage Cover for Damage or Third Party Loss if these requirements are not strictly observed.

5.10 If the Vehicle develops a fault during the Rental Period You must inform Us immediately and not drive the
Vehicle unless We have authorised You to do so and You must not let anyone else repair or work on the
Vehicle or towing or salvage of it without Our prior written authority to do so.

5.11 Where We have given You Our prior authority to repair the Vehicle You must keep and produce to Us the original tax invoices and receipts for any repairs, towing or salvage and You will be reimbursed only if these expenses have been authorised by us. Any entitlement to reimbursement is subject to there being no Major Breach of the Rental Contract.

6.1 We will provide You with a Vehicle that is of acceptable quality and in good working order.

6.2 If the Vehicle breaks down during the Rental Period because of Our negligence We will recover and repair the vehicle as soon as possible. If the Vehicle cannot be repaired We will use Our best endeavours to provide a replacement Vehicle where one is available.

6.3 We are not responsible for any consequential loss You may suffer if the Vehicle breaks down unless this is
because of Our negligence.


7.1 Damage Cover is included in the Rental Charges. Subject to these Terms and Conditions if you or any authorised Driver has an Accident or if the Vehicle is stolen We will indemnify You for the theft, any Damage or Third Party Loss but You must pay up to the Damage Excess for each Accident or theft unless we agree that You were not at fault and the other party’s insurance company accepts liability.

7.2 You may purchase at additional cost the Bronze, Silver or Platinum package which reduces the Damage Excess to the amount shown in the Rental Agreement.

7.3 There is no Damage Cover, and You and any authorised Driver are liable for Damage or Third Party Loss
arising from:
(a) a Major Breach of the Rental Contract; 
(b) the use of the Vehicle by any driver who is not an authorised driver; or who is less than 21 years of age;
(c) Overhead Damage;
(d) Underbody Damage; and
(e) immersion of the Vehicle in water.

7.4 There is no Damage Cover for personal items that are left in or stolen from the Vehicle or for loss or damage to property belonging to or in the custody of:
(a) You;
(b) any relative, friend or associate of Yours ordinarily residing with You or with whom You ordinarily reside;
(c) any relative, friend or associate of an Authorised Driver; or
(d) Your employees;


8.1 The Rental Agreement shows:
(a) the Rental Period for which You have hired the Vehicle; and
(b) the Rental Charges.

8.2 At the End of the Rental You must return the Vehicle on the date and by the time shown in the Rental Agreement. If you require the Vehicle for longer than the Rental Period, You must notify us at least 24 hours prior to the expiration of the Rental Period. If you fail to do so, we may terminate the Rental Contract and if the location of the vehicle is known, recover it by lawful means or if it is unknown, after making reasonable attempts to contact You, report the Vehicle as stolen to the Police.

8.3 If you return the Vehicle:
(a) more than one hour after the time set for its return in the Rental Agreement we will charge you $25 per hour up to one full day's hire and a further full day's hire at the standard rate for each 24 hour period or part thereof until the Vehicle is returned to us; or
(b) at any time other than during Our normal business hours You must pay for the daily Rental Charges and all damage until the Rental Location next opens for business and a final inspection of the vehicle has been undertaken.

8.4 At the End of the Rental You must also pay for all amounts owing pursuant to clause 5.3 and any moneys owed to Us thereafter accrue interest at the rate of 10% per annum commencing 14 days after the End of the Rental.

8.5 Any amount payable under the Rental Contract is subject to subsequent verification and adjustment and details of any adjustments will be provided to You as soon as practicable. If any amount is due to us or remains unpaid you authorise Us to debit Your credit card with that amount within a reasonable time after the End of the Rental.

8.6 If You default in the payment of any moneys owed to Us under the Rental Contract, you authorise us to provide information of that default to a credit reporting body and to obtain an up to date consumer credit report on You. Personal information may be used and disclosed by the credit reporting body in accordance with the Privacy Act to create or maintain a credit information file containing information about you, including defaults in excess of 60 days and the debt owed to Us.

8.7 Northern Territory only
A daily limit of 250 kilometres applies unless You have Our prior written approval to have this fee waived and it is noted on the Rental Agreement. For each day You exceed that limit You will incur an additional fee of twenty cents (30c) per kilometre.

8.8 Cancellation
(a) Your booking is cancelled within 48 hours prior to the Start of the Rental; or
(b) You fail to notify Us of Your intended cancellation prior to the Start of the Rental,
You will be charged the hire charges for the Rental Period as booked unless We are able to hire the vehicle to another hirer for an equivalent term and rate.


9.1 Your vehicle is fitted with an Etag that is linked to Your reservation. All tolling charges you incur will be automatically billed to your credit card on file with Us by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). You must pay for any and all charges relating to tolls using your etag provided in the vehicle.

9.2 The e-tag must not be removed from the Vehicle under any circumstances. Removal will result in additional
replacement and recovery costs.

9.3 By signing these Terms and Conditions You consent to and agree to the terms and conditions set out by
RMS which can be found at


10.1 We allow domestic pets to ride in our vehicles.

10.2 Although We do not charge an extra fee for pets, You will incur an additional charge for any damage caused by animals, or any special cleaning required as a result of shedding or accidents.

10.3 These conditions also apply to service animals.

10.4 Transport of animals within the Vehicle and the use of an appropriate restraint, container or crate is entirely your responsibility. Please be aware that government regulation also applies.


- The Rental Contract is governed by the laws of the state in which the Vehicle was rented and you agree that courts in that state have non-exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute that arises between you and us.
- The Australian Consumer Law provides You with rights that are not affected by the Rental Contract and any provision in this contract is subject to the implied terms and conditions of that and any corresponding Federal or State legislation.
- We may fit a GPS Device to the Vehicle to enable us to track the Vehicle while it is out of our possession.
When you sign these Terms and Conditions you authorise us to use the GPS Device to track the vehicle until it is returned to us.


When you read these Terms and Conditions you will see that there are a number of terms that occur regularly throughout this document. These words or phrases have a specific meaning each time they appear and you should familiarise Yourself with them. Accident means an unintended and unforeseen incident, including:
(a) a collision between the Vehicle and another vehicle or object; or
(b) a weather event, including hail Damage,
that results in Damage or Third Party Loss.
Administrative Fee means a fee of up to $75 including GST for the administrative costs associated with your hire.
Authorised Driver means any driver of the Vehicle who is approved by Us and who is recorded and signed on the Rental Agreement prior to the Start of the Rental.
Damage means:
(a) any damage to the Vehicle including its parts, components and accessories that is not fair wear and tear;
(b) towing and salvage costs;
(c) assessing fees; and
(d) Loss of Use,
and for the removal of doubt, any Damage to the windscreen, headlights, lights or tyres that makes the vehicle unroadworthy is not fair wear and tear. 
Damage Excess means the amount, including GST, up to which You must pay Us in the event of an accident that causes Damage or Third Party Loss or the Vehicle has been stolen.
End of the Rental means the date and time shown in the Rental Agreement or the date and time the vehicle is returned to Us, whichever is the later.
GPS Device means a GPS or other device that is fitted to the Vehicle that has electronic tracking capabilities.
Loss of Use means Our loss calculated on a daily basis at the daily rate shown in the Rental Agreement because the vehicle is being repaired or replaced if it is written off as a result of an Accident or it has been stolen.

Major Breach means a breach of any of clauses, 2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.7, 5.8,
5.9 or 5.10 that causes Damage, theft of the Vehicle or Third Party Loss.
Off Road means any area that is neither a sealed or unsealed road and includes but is not limited to unformed roads, fire trails, tracks, river and tidal crossings, creek beds, beaches, streams, dams, rivers, flood waters, sand, deserts, rocks, fields and paddocks.
Overhead Damage means:
(a) damage at or above the level of the top of the front windscreen of the Vehicle; or
(b) Third Party Loss,
caused by:
(i) contact between the part of the Vehicle that is at or above the level of the top of the front windscreen with objects overhanging or obstructing its path;
(ii) objects being placed on the roof of the Vehicle; or
(iii) You or any person standing or sitting on the roof of the Vehicle.

Rental Charges means the charges payable for renting the Vehicle from Us together with GST and any other taxes or levies which are all fully set out in the Rental Agreement.

Rental Location means the location from which the Vehicle was hired.

Rental Period means the period commencing at the time shown in the Rental Agreement and concluding at
the End of the Rental.

Start of the Rental means the date and time that the hire commences as shown in the Rental Agreement.

Third Party Loss means loss or damage to third party property, including other motor vehicles and any claim
for third party loss of income.

Underbody Damage means any damage to the Vehicle caused by or resulting from contact between the underside of the Vehicle and any part of the roadway or any object or obstruction, including kerbs, gutters, speed or road humps, barriers or wheel stops and does not arise as a result of an impact with another vehicle.

Vehicle means the Vehicle described in the Rental Agreement and includes its parts, components and accessories, including the GPS unit.

We, Us, Our, means Bargain Car Rentals Australia Pty Ltd ABN 34 115 153 930.

You, Your means the person, whether it is an individual, a firm or company that rents the Vehicle from Us and whose name is shown in the Rental Agreement.




Should you wish to hire outside our normal operating hours we are more than happy to arrange this for you. We can provide 24/7 pickups and Drop offs at all locations. Please contact Bargain to arrange prior to collection.
There are some additional costs associated at some depots which are outlined below:
Melbourne  – Additional $24.
Brisbane Airport and Gold Coast Airport – Additional $33.
Launceston Airport – Additional $23.
Sunshine Coast – For after hours collections customers are required to pay the parking ticket to exit the airport. After hours drop offs are an additional $30.
Darwin Airport – Additional $30.
Devonport All Area’s – Additional $20"

Terms of booking on this website

Information disclaimer
The rates on this website are often heavily discounted. This is due to our negotiated rates and bulk buying power. On very rare occasions, a rate may be displayed incorrectly due to our, or a vehicle supplier's error. In such a case, if you book with us at a quoted rate that is incorrect, we will notify you of any price change and give you the option to proceed or cancel. We make every effort to keep information on our site up to date, but we cannot guarantee this website is free of errors or omissions and retain the right to update or change the information published at any time.

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When you pick up your vehicle, you will be required to sign a rental agreement with the supplier of the vehicle. Your rental and use of the vehicle will be governed by the terms of the rental agreement and any other documentation or information provided to you by the supplier at the time you pick up your vehicle. The rental agreement is between you and the supplier and we will not be liable to you or to any third party in relation to the terms of the supplier's rental agreement or any other documentation provided to you by the supplier at the time of pick up.

While we will make reasonable efforts to ensure we are representing only reputable suppliers, we make no warranty about the fitness or suitability of any third party (supplier) product or service and will not accept responsibility for the quality or fitness of any vehicle. We welcome feedback from our customers on their experience with our suppliers. We may, at our discretion, provide you with reasonable assistance in resolving any dispute you may have with a supplier.

Our total liability to you in relation to your use of this website and the information contained on this website will not exceed the dollar amount of the deposit we have received from you in relation to your booking/rental. Refunds will not be made for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather. Again, we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance. Your use of this website is governed by the laws of New Zealand and the jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

Booking information
To make a booking you must complete our booking form which is easy to follow and secured with the latest encryption technology. Once we receive your form, we will, subject to availability, confirm your booking by emailing you a confirmation voucher and invoice.

If you are booking via phone, please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of the vehicle you wish to rent first. Our reservations consultant will ask you if you have read the terms and agree to them before proceeding. The onus is always on the renter to ensure they make themselves fully aware of the terms displayed on our website.

Information disclosure
In booking on this website you acknowledge that we disclose your information to your selected Supplier in order to provide the requested rental services.

Vehicle capacity and fitness to drive
Under no circumstances are you permitted to carry more passengers than the vehicle you rent is legally registered to carry, and if you do your insurance may be invalidated. The number of seatbelts (and passengers) is indicated next to each vehicle on this website. Luggage capacity where shown is an indication only and we will not be responsible should you be unable to fit your entire luggage into a vehicle. It is your responsibility to choose a journey that is within your capabilities. A vehicle supplier can refuse to rent a vehicle to any person who is in their opinion unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. In such circumstances we will have no further liability to you.

Refund Policy
In the event of cancellation, any deposit amounts paid at the time of booking are non-refundable. 

If you are unsatisfied with our service, please contact us within 48 hours of placing your booking or request and we will work to resolve any issues and determine if compensation is due. In the event you have completed your rental and are unhappy with your vehicle, we are happy to assist you in seeking compensation from the operator of the vehicle.

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